Think Green.
Anonymous: What's she like? Is she the love of your life? 

Okay, I don’t want to keep bugging anyone who follows me with my reminiscence on my lost love. If you want me to answer these questions, message me on my shitty personal blog soundfreq. No one should have to listen to me talk about this besides whoever is asking.

Anonymous: Um wow that's a shitty thing to do, you probably don't deserve her then 

I know it was. I feel terrible. I regret it deeply. If you’ll notice, I did begin this vein of the discussion by highlighting how I have lost the privilege of getting back with her.

Anonymous: Wait what did you try to do? 

Get back with her. And then I would change my mind because of something other people told me and re-break up with her because I was scared. I did this more than once.

Like I said, I’ve lost that privilege.

Anonymous: Then just don't mess it up next time? She's probably not like the love of your life anyway lol 

Funny thing is I told her she was. Plus I don’t really have the opportunity to “not mess up next time”

Anonymous: is there anyone else that you could see yourself with right now? 

Not at all.

Anonymous: How did you lose the privilege? 

I’ve already tried to about three times and messed up each time.